30 de diciembre de 2010

amanda bakes - NYE Party Cookies

NYE Party Cookies

NYE Party Cookies

These cookies are for a very special someone.


Even more importantly they are from a very special someone.

It would be wonderful if you knew the giver of these cookies before you went out on NYE's, but meeting them that night is just as good.


You are probably wondering what on EARTH am I talking about on a baking blog?????

Let me explain.


I made these cookies after seeing a billboard on my way home yesterday.

It was a lovely young woman with the words, "Wanna Come Home with ME Tongiht?"

At first I was appalled! 

But then I read it a little closer.



The billboard was sponsored by Budweiser, and the young woman is a Designated Driver.

Pretty sneaky huh?

It is my hope that everyone has a fun and crazy and exciting New Years, but I also want every single one of you to get home safe and sound.  Especially with all the dangerous weather everyone seems to be experiencing!

So this is my final wish you for in 2010...

Drive home with someone special... preferably your designated driver.

And eat lots of cookies!

Sorry.  I cant help myself


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