5 de enero de 2011

From Paper To RingFlash In Few Easy Steps | DIYPhotography.net

If you're into ring-flashes, this should be one of the most fun projects ever. It mixes together some paper, glue, scissors and, of course a strobe to print and then fold your ring flash.

Paper ring flash, materials and test shot

The original template is pure generosity created by Diego Billi, and brought to web perfection by the good guys at Sylights. (Sylights is a supercool web2.0 way of sharing lighting diagrams).

You will need

  • A few sheets of paper. A3 is the best, but with some extra gluing A4 or letter will do great
  • Scissors (or, if you are a DIY ninja a utility knife)
  • Glue (I love UHU sticks)
  • A ruler
  • Clothing pegs
  • A PDF that you can generate here.


Step 1 - Getting the template

A really no brainer step here. Go to the Ring Flash Template Creator, enter your camera and flash dimensions (default is D300 and SB800) and click generate PDF.

Then print the resulting PDF.

From Paper To RingFlash In Few Easy Steps

Step 2 - Cut the outer line

There are four shapes, cut the outer lines for each of those shapes.

ring flash creator parts

Step 3 - Cut the inner lines

Each red line represents a cut. Cut all the red lines. (Each dotted line represents a fold)

ring flash inner cut

Step 4 -  Body

follow the pictures to glue the body of the ring flash. You may want to use those pegs to hold things in place till they dry off. (the upper box for example)

ring flash body

Step 5 - Inner ring

Take the short strap from step three and bend it circlewise. Use glue to attach it to the body.

ring flash inner ring

step 6 - Hood

fold and glue along the hood lines

ring flash hood

Step 7 - Attach hood and body

ring flash attach

Step 8 - Complete the ring

Use parts of the other long strap to complete the ring.

Use glue to attach the upper ring.

ring flash outer ring

Completed build

ring flash front view

ring flash side view

Test Shot

ring flash test shot

Once you build one of those babies, please share your stuff on the DIYP pool. Thanks again to Diego Billi and Sylights for making this fun DIY happen.

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